We welcome our new Support manager

We would like to welcome Ola Johansson to the team of Intinor. Ola will take the position of Support manager and work with support, testing and evaluations.
We have always worked closely with our customers and believe that Ola can take our support services to the next level, both for our customers and resellers. 

Ola started his career in TV around 26 years ago when he helped to build the local news station for TV4 in Umeå. There he worked as a photographer, sound technician, producer and after 2008 he took the position of technical manager at TV4 Umeå. In 2014 he started to work for the head office of TV4, taking responsibility for several major systems at the national news channel such as cameras, editing, video processing and scheduling.

Ola Johansson: “My experience from working with video, audio and other technology in the industry will hopefully serve as a good complement at Intinor. With a users perspective I hope to add good ideas and functions. I am really excited to join the team at Intinor and be a part of driving the company forward.”

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