Solutions for mobile productions


We believe that going live should be easy and.. Direkt. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are covering – we have a solution for every scenario!

With the Direkt link, it is easy to move around and broadcast from various locations using any internet connection. With a Direkt receiver or router in your control room, a TV channel can receive the live broadcast and use it in production. ISS, Intinor’s system for statistics and supervision, helps with testing, verification and troubleshooting of network connections.


  • SDI & HDMI inputs (up to 12 inputs)
  • Multiple encoders and destinations
  • 2, 4 or 8 x 3g/4g Modems
  • TCP & SRT on request
  • Wifi client and hotspot
  • Adaptive bitrate & resolution
  • Smartphone app
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • 4-wire talkback and IFB
  • 1 – 12 x IP-stream inputs to SDI
  • 6-36x IP-stream inputs
  • Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull & RTMP-in)
  • 1 – 12x SDI outputs / NDI-outputs
  • SDI / NDI inputs
  • RTMP, TCP and SRT-pull
  • Transcoders/encoders
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • Stream forwarding
  • IP-stream scheduling and automation via API
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