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Solutions for an all IP-infrastructure




The Direkt-series stands for managing, processing and output of IP-streams. Instead of using cloud services, which involve cost and increased management overheads, you can own and scale the functionality of the Direkt router to your needs. In the future, more functionality can be unleashed by remote activating options.


With up to 12x SDI-out, you can easily integrate the Direkt router into your current SDI-based infrastructure while at the same time seamlessly migrating to an “all-IP infrastructure”.

We believe that interoperability is one of the most important topics for anyone working in the broadcast industry.
Having a flexible and versatile workflow is key and we are aiming to give our customers just that.


To achieve this we have created our own proprietary transport protocol but to help with interoperability we also support multiple different open source protocols.
Bifrost (proprietary), SRT, RIST, RTP, RTP+fec, UDP, TCP, RTMP, HLS, RTSP.. 


ISS = is more than just remote management, it is 24/7 monitoring and a tool to troubleshoot IP-issues you don’t want to miss once used. Intinor’s free API rounds off the end-to-end solution offering unlimited possibilities to integrate into existing IP environments or even allow your own customized workflows.






  • Multiple SDI & HDMI inputs
  • Optional NDI-inputs
  • Multiple encoders and destinations
  • Network bonding with BRT™
  • TCP & SRT on request
  • 4x stereo audio
  • 2, 4 or 8 x 3g/4g Modems
  • Wifi client and hotspot
  • Adaptive bitrate & resolution
  • Smartphone app
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • 4-wire talkback and IFB
  • Scheduling and automation via API


  • Output up to 12x incoming video streams to SDI



  • 6-36+ IP-stream inputs
  • Up to 12x SDI outputs / NDI-outputs
  • SDI / NDI inputs
  • 6x Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull & RTMP-in)
  • RTMP receive (Create RTMP URL and stream key on the Direkt router)
  • TCP-pull & SRT-pull
  • Optional multiple Transcoders/encoders
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • Stream forwarding
  • IP-stream scheduling and automation via API
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