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Learn more about current firmware versions and our development roadmap


FirmwareFeatureRelease status
4.12_AES67 for intercomAugust 2022
4.13_Non-experimental bonded ISS/intercomAugust 2022
4.13_Time zone settings for ISSAugust 2022
4.13_RIST implementation 2.0August 2022
4.14_Full DVB compliancyNovember 2022
4.14_5G modem on DirektNovember 2022
4.14_Bifrost bonding direct + proxy (experimental)November 2022
4.14_HEVC (accellerated, improverd interlaced & lower latency)November 2022
4.x._Bonded VPN version 2.0 (Sleipnir)2022-2023
4.x._Enhances AWS support for Direkt router2022-2023
4.x._Full 4k support (input/output)2022-2023
4.x._Improved WebUI2022-2023
4.x._Improved ISS UI2022-2023
4.x._10 bit encoding2023-2024
4.10_Bonded ISS and 4-wire (experimental)Released
4.9_Extended Ember+ supportReleased
4.8_Synchronised streamsReleased
4.8_SRT on Netvideo inputsReleased
4.7_Ultra low latency (sub 0.5sec)Released
4.6_Physical video mixer controller (Streamdeck)Released
4.6_New Rack+ AMD hardwareReleased
4.5_BRT™ with ARQ implementationReleased
4.4_SRT Push / ReceiveReleased
4.4_RTMP (select audio track per destination)Released
4.3_SRT listen & pullReleased
4.3_SCTE 104/35Released
4.2_Random Access Indicator (RAI) in MPEG-TSReleased
4.2_Web-based video mixer and router panelReleased
4.1_Bifrost™ - Bifrost Reliable transportReleased
4.1_Netvideo input (HLS-pull & RTMP-receive)Released
4.0_Open rest APIReleased

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