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Intinor develops different models of Direkt links that are used for high quality live broadcast over the internet and other IP networks. The Direkt link is easy to use, robust and supports many different transport protocols.

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Direkt links sends high quality video streams and support most major transport protocols including: TCP, UDP, RTP, RTP+fec, RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, RIST and our proprietary transport protocols BIFROST™


The Direkt link is offered in a range of models that can be tailored to the needs of each customer using add-on features and individual adaptations. In this way the Direkt link range is extremely flexible and versatile whilst retaining easy-to-use handling characteristics.

How it works

Video from a camera or video mixer is connected to the Direkt link. Compressed video streams are broadcasted to one or more receivers. The configuration can be adjusted using the display and keypad on the encoder, from a local web-interface or via ISS. The Direkt link can also record a broadcast to be used for on-demand-video or file based productions.
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The table below shows standard features and available option of the different Direkt link models.

* Broadcast model supports UDP and interlaced video


Main products

Direkt link compact backpack

Direkt link NDI basic

Direkt link compact mobile

Direkt link NDI rack

Direkt link 500 Backpack

Direkt link 600 Backpack


Digital beltpack for intercom

AES67 for intercom

Video server

Sennheiser headset

Dektec 4x SDI card


2x dome-antenna with tripod

Heimdall lite

Flight case for Direkt rack & Heimdall

Distribution delay

USB-LAN 1gbps

Backpack kit including vest and antennas

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