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Solutions for bonding, redundancy and error correction



Live events have traditionally been transmitted using satellite and dedicated fiber. Today, when the number of events is increasing, production companies and broadcasters are looking for more cost-efficient ways to do their contribution. The internet can be used for sending video at a very low cost but the global network provides no guarantee for a specific capacity, which makes it dangerous to use for sending during important events.


Intinor develops products and technologies to make contribution over the internet easy and safe. The purpose of our new transport protocol “Bifrost Reliable Transport” (BRT™ ), together with our robust and easy-to-use hardware, is to provide the best solution for live video over Internet.


BRT™ is a UDP-based transport protocol with forward error correction (FEC)
In the beginning of 2020 we will also add ARQ to the protocol, creating an even more robust solution for every use case.



  • Network bonding (Fixed internet, WIFI, 3G/4G, KA-SAT)
  • FEC (forward error correction) and ARQ (released april 2020)
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Configurable – low latency, full redundancy or something in between?
  • Least cost management



Technical documentation: BRT™
Don’t miss the video below for more information.




  • Multiple encoders and destination
  • 2, 4 or 8 x 3g/4g Modems
  • Wifi client and hotspot
  • Adaptive bitrate & resolution
  • TCP and SRT on request
  • Smartphone app
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • 4-wire talkback and IFB

Direkt Router

  • 6-36x IP-stream inputs
  • 6x Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull & RTMP-in)
  • Up to 8x SDI outputs / NDI-outputs
  • RTMP-pull, TCP-pull, SRT-pull
  • 6x Transcoder/re-encoders
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • Stream forwarding
  • IP-stream scheduling and automation via API