We are joining RIST forum

Intinor, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high-quality video over internet, are joining RIST forum as an “associate member”.

RIST is developed jointly by a large group of experts, pouring hundreds of years of real-world experience into the specifications. It’s also built on top of existing RFC standards. With this approach, RIST benefits from a broader range of real-world experiences than a single-vendor solution ever does, leading to a more technically robust solution no matter the application, use case or environment it is deployed in.

Multi-vendor interoperability
Designed with multi-vendor interoperability as they key objective, the RIST specs are detailed enough to ensure that two different implementations will be interoperable. A collaborative VSF activity group and the RIST Forum further contribute by hosting RIST plug-fests and demonstrations where vendors and users can come together to verify interoperability.

Enables innovation
While detailed enough to ensure interoperability, the RIST specs also leave room for innovation. They do this by specifying a minimum set of functionality and behaviour that needs to be common across all implementations, while leaving it open for each individual vendor to add advanced functionality on top of the specifications.

Roland Axelsson, CEO, Intinor: “Adding support for yet another transport protocol was a no-brainer in helping our customers. Interoperability between vendors and enabling remote collaboration has always been an important topic for us and we are happy to join the RIST forum.”

Read more about interoperability and remote collaboration here

About Intinor

Intinor develops its own products and solutions. Intinor has customers ranging from small production companies to major television stations. After over 15 years in the industry, Intinor offers solutions for remote productions, remote commentary, esports, news gathering, sports and much more. Intinor aims to deliver the best and most comprehensive solutions for high quality live video over the internet.

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