Tutorial – Distribution delay

We’ve added a new feature called “Distribution delay”. A while back some of our customers asked if they could have different delays for different partners. Our developers got to work and this is what they came up with

This feature enables each software encoder with the option for an additional delay. First you set the maximum amount of “Extra delay” that you need. How much delay you can add is determined by the amount of RAM available, this is shown in the web interface.

Each destination, no matter which protocol you are using, now has a box where you can set the “extra delay”.
Here you can jump anywhere from 0 to the set maximum amount, in the video I used 600 seconds.

You can change the destinations extra delay at any time with only a couple of seconds down time.

This feature can useful in several different applications, some of them might be…

  • Betting – Betting sites receive first and other takers are delayed
  • eSports – Premium takers come first -> everybody else is delayed
  • Remote commentary – Talkback/commentary in perfect sync with the original PGM-feed


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