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Distribution is about delivering a TV channel to a number of TV viewers

Distribute your content

Direkt links and Direkt receivers are used for distribution on a number of locations in Sweden for:


  • analogue TV on various cable TV networks
  • digital cable TV networks (DVB-C)
  • broadband television (IP-TV)


We can also assist with web TV through partners.

Example 1
High quality with ISS and error correction

By using ISS, Intinor’s system for statistics and supervision, our customers can monitor broadcasts and detect any disturbance or disruption of network connections. By using error correction it is possible to completely avoid that any disturbances affect viewers.

Example 2
Västmanlands Television

Västmanlands Television, sending from Köping, has for years been distributing its channel to the neighboring municipalities of Arboga and Kungsör daily using tapes and DVDs. Thanks to a distribution system from Intinor they can now easily and cheaply distribute to these locations over the Internet.

The new technology has also made ​​broadcasts to Hallstahammar, Västerås and Telias IP-TV net possible.