Contribution is a term used to describe transport of video from the studio to a TV uplink center, or from a remote source to a broadcaster’s studio


Contribution can involve, for example, a single transmission from the inauguration of a new concert hall, regular broadcasts from the city council or player interviews from an arena.

With the Direkt link, it is easy to move around and broadcast from various locations using an internet connection. With a Direkt receiver in the control room, a TV channel can receive the live broadcast and use it in its production. ISS, Intinor’s system for statistics and supervision helps, with testing, verification and troubleshooting of network connections.

Tell us what you would like to do, and we will suggest a solution that suits you.

Example 1


Lagardère Sports produce live sports, including the Tennis ATP 250 series. With Intinor Direkt links at the arena it’s always easy to connect to the Lagardère’s MCR regardless of where in the world an ATP World Tour 250 event was held.

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Lagardere flight case tennis-1
Example 2


With Direkt Links installed on ten soccer stadiums around Finland contribution of HD productions to Helsinki are made easy. Intinor Direkt routers are receiving, transmitting and playing out live feeds. The units are linked together, the video streams are monitored and everything can be controlled remotely via ISS – Intinors systems for monitoring and management.

Timo Lapinoja, Managing Director, ChyronHego Finland Oy states that “Intinor delivers a perfect solution making it easy and cost effective to deliver football to the viewers!”

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