Streaming server in a box

MistServer is media server software designed to be modular, reliable and efficient. Its speciality is to make sure every viewer can watch the stream on their preferred device, making distribution of content easier.

A single input is all MistServer needs to distribute to any viewer, server or other targets whilst making sure that every process has its own handler ensuring stability and flexibility for all connections.

Intinor has been working with MistServer for years and we’re proud to present our latest collaboration – Intinor + MistServer = Streaming server in a box!

Balder Vietor, Head of Testing at MistServer: “Our collaboration with Intinor is something I can get especially excited about. They make some of the best equipment in the business and being able to add some extra flexibility to their products really creates that streaming powerhouse capable of combining all older and modern techniques ready for anything you throw at it”

Roland Axelsson, CEO & Product Manager at Intinor: “The great strength of this MistServer collaboration, I think, is being able to distribute between a number of offices or campuses so that everyone can watch web-TV live on the internal network.”

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