Smart distribution solutions

Intinor have worked for many years with distribution of TV and studio productions and it is a business area with good growth. Roland Axelsson, CEO of Intinor, why is that?
-We see that we can provide a rational and cost effective solution by collecting the distribution and setting up central handover to the TV operators. An example of this is the local TV in Sweden, where the National Association of Open Channels signed a contract with us. Every single Open Channel have the opportunity to use the Agreement, thus using technology solutions from Intinor. Thanks to our management system, we can easily monitor and operate the distribution also for the commercial channels who choose solutions from Intinor for contribution and distribution. One of the strengths is that we make it easy for all parties involved.

NTM Group is a commercial media house who has chosen to work with Intinor platform for contribution and distribution of local television. NTM group’s five channels from 24Kiruna in the north to 24Corren in Linköping are distributed to local and national IPTV/CATV operators.
– Intinor gives us a total solution for the contribution and distribution of TV“, says Bo Enell, TV manager of NTM, and notes that “we are particularly pleased with the stability and reliability. It feels really good to work with Intinor as a long term partner for our investment in TV.

For more information about the solution that NTM uses, see NTM usecase.

Do you also have a need for contribution/distribution of your studio production and TV channel? Contact us!

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