RTMP-pull with added GFX and SDI-out plus IP-based processing

IP-based video contribution is becoming more and more popular… while some content only gets distributed on web-streaming platforms. GMC10 or We Love MMA is an example of this https://www.ranfighting.de/

From a CDN/streaming platform the Intinor Direkt router can pull a RTMP-stream for output on SDI and further production or even process the stream completely on IP-level.

German production and media technology company ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion is using 2x Intinor Direkt routers 2RU with these tech specs:

12x IP-stream inputs (up to 36x is possible)
8x SDI outputs
5x transcoders (up to 6x1080i possible)
– added GFX/logo per transcoder
– “unlimited” stream-forwarding to any LAN or WAN destination using protocols such as UDP, RTP, RTP+FEC, RTMP, TCP

Please contact our European Sales Manager Martin Weber for more information!

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