Releasing 4.6.0 firmware

The first release candidate of our 4.6.0 Direkt firmware is now available. 
Some of the highlighted new features are: 


  • Support for Elgato Stream Deck as a control surface for our built-in video mixer 
  • Support for our new generation Rack+ hardware 
  • Improved Bifrost algorithms for more robust streaming 
  • Experimental receiver bonding 
  • Optional built-in streaming server


There are also 39 smaller enhancements in the range from user experience to protocol and driver support. 

“Our new firmware has something for almost all of our customers. I’m happy to offer this upgrade and continue to improve our system for high quality live video over the internet”  – Roland Axelsson, CEO & Product Manager.

The latest firmware can be installed from the web interface as “latest testing”. 
Please contact us to learn more or if you have any questions. 

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