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ISS – Intinor Stream Statistics

ISS is a system for statistics collection and supervision of video links. ISS identifies problems and makes monitoring simple

Easy statistics access

All incidents are stored in a database. Through a web interface, both Intinor support and the customer can retrieve statistics for several measuring points connected to the video links. A user logs into the ISS management system and gets access to detailed graphs for all the measuring points. This feature is specifically useful if the customer is running a complex system using several IP links. Using one reference at the delivery point and one where the video link switches IP-network, the customer can identify any source of video corruption.


ISS is a powerful tool for troubleshooting video links. In a few seconds, the problem can be found and identified to render the right correctional response.


ISS management can be configured to report alarms via email or text messages. Alarms can be triggered by loss of connectivity, loss of input signal, abnormal temperatures or hardware malfunctions. The alarms can be sent to Intinor and/or to the customer.

ISS is included in Direkt link, Direkt receiver and Direkt router.


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