Product news!

Direkt link is now available in two different series. We extend additionally range by launching two new products in the form of an enhanced mobile Direkt link and a backpack. All products in the Direkt link 300- and 400-series provides higher image quality, improved network functionality and becomes even easier to use.

Direkt link 300-series

Our new mobile Direkt link has a new, even more, flexible format, and can be equipped with battery power for portability. With two video inputs, 1xHDMI and 1xSDI, it is possible to plug in simple cameras or a computer presentation. By using the built-in basic video mixer one can, seamlessly, create more dynamic productions. Direkt link 300-series backpack offers the same functionality in a fully mobile format. Direkt link 300 series is aimed primarily at the context in which you work with streaming video directly to a CDN for Web-TV.

Direkt link 400-series

Direkt link in the 400 series has built-in support for adaptive bitrate and network bonding. It’s as easy as before to create different transmission profiles and with one-touch you can change to which receiver/router/CDN material is sent to. With broadcast support 400 series fits in a context where the signal is picked up in the studio/control room/by editorial staff for processing and (re)distribution.

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