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Direkt startar/starting

Direkt starting (startar in Swedish) is the default message for the display. Direkt units show this until USB driver and display application have started. The message is usually replaced by Direkt menu after 30-90 seconds.

There are some known problems that can cause the initial message to stay on the display.

Direkt hangs in BIOS

The second generation 1U rack chassis sometimes hangs in BIOS when it starts. This is random and happens a few percent of startups. Just restart the unit and it will almost certain work fine.

A much less common problem is that the BIOS battery is bad, which causes BIOS to use default settings and prompt the user to press F1 or similar to continue. This shows only if a VGA monitor is connected and is solved by connecting an USB keyboard and press F1. If it happens again, the Direkt unit must be repaired by Intinor.

USB cable unconnects from motherboard

The display is connected to Direkt’s motherboard using a USB cable. On new Direkt units this connector is glued very solid, but on some older units, it can disconnect because of vibrations usually in transport.

Direkt works fine without the display. If network settings are valid, it will connect to ISS and can be used, but not configured. If the unit has NAT router option, its web interface is available from IP2.

If the user must configure the unit but can not, it’s ok to open the hardware and try to attach the USB cable. It’s not so difficult. Disconenct all power from Direkt. Look at the back side of the display card. There are two cables. One is power cable and connects to a hard disk power cable. The other is USB and should be connected to the mother board. If it’s not, connect it.