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Support test units

Intinor test units are for internal use by Intinor and partners who are given access to them. Contact Intinor support or you local re-seller support to use those.

Direkt link (test encoder)

Intinor har one encoder – serial number 87 usually available for test on a public IP-number. This Direkt link is modified to always output a SD video from file. By adding destinations, customer’s Direkt receivers or routers can be tested.

Direkt router (test receiver)

Intinor has one router – 111 available for test on a public IP-number. Users can send to this router and Intinor support can verify that users Direkt link works fine and is not blocked by a firewall. Use VLC and open a TCP-stream to fetch the video from 111 on port 5001 to 5008.

“IP-ström in 7” listens to TCP port 80 and can be used if a user thinks he is behind a firewall, which lets TCP port 80 pass through. From router 111, the signal can be forwarded to desired destination. Or fetched with TCP from port 5007.