New generation RACK+

Our most powerful unit is now more powerful. The new generation RACK+ has arrived and we are excited! This 2ru hardware opens up unique opportunities. 

  • Up to 12x SDI/NDI inputs 
  • Combine up to 12x SDI/NDI inputs and / or outputs 
  • Up to 12x Software encoders 
  • Up to 4k60p 

Solutions for remote production

Solutions for esports


With high performance these units can be customised with options  such as:

  • VPN for remote control of Tricaster, Tally, PTZ and more
  • Additional NDI inputs or outputs
  • SDI in/out
  • built-in video mixers
  • Multiview
  • RTMP in/out
  • SRT ingest / SRT-pull
  • Extra IP inputs
  • Extra netvideo inputs
  • Multiple software encoders

NDI™ is a trademark of NewTek, Inc.



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