New beta – 4.12.0_rc1

Our 4.12.0_rc1 has now reached beta. This means that those of you who would like to help to try out new features are welcome to upgrade by just pressing “upgrade to latest beta” in the web interface.

Our current “Stable version” is 4.8.0 and a lot has improved since then, for example:

  • Ember+ additional features and restructuring
  • RTSP on all netvideo inputs is now non-experimental
  • SRT on Netvideo inputs – better handling of non-compliant MPEG-TS streams (receive from vmix, kiloview or similar)
  • IP input: relaxed mpeg-ts compatibility mode for e.g. non-compliant streams
  • Dektec capture card (configurable i/o SDI-card)
  • Optional AES67 as intercom interface

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like us to help you with your upgrade.

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