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Intinor @ Boston Major eSports event, presented by PGL

Intinor @ Boston Major eSports event, presented by PGL

The Boston Major playoffs and grand finals were broadcasted around the world over a period of four days live from the Wang Theatre, Boston using two Intinor Direkt link 400 rack+ encoders with multiple software encoders to match all resolutions and bitrates required.

Millions of fans tuned in on twitch, Youtube, Facebook and traditional TV to soak in the talent, skill and drive of the best sixteen Dota 2 teams in the world.

Vlad “Dark” Petrescu, Head of Broadcast @ PGL, says that ”the technical demands for The Boston Major were considerably higher compared to the one in Manila, starting with the 1080p60 broadcast for multiple platforms.

He continues, ”In order to accommodate these requirements we needed a powerful, but at the same time flexible machine that could support everything we threw at it. The new generation Intinor Direkt link rack+ encoders proved to be highly reliable, allowing us to have a smooth broadcast+webcast workflow…