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RIST is all about the combination of interoperability and innovation. Developed jointly by a group of experts using a standards-based approach, RIST provides an open, interoperable and technically robust solution for low-latency live video over unmanaged networks. With RIST, interoperability is achieved through clear specifications, while vendors remain free to innovate within their own implementations.


RIST is developed jointly by a large group of experts, pouring hundreds of years of real-world experience into the specifications. It’s also built on top of existing RFC standards. With this approach, RIST benefits from a broader range of real-world experiences than a single-vendor solution ever does, leading to a more technically robust solution no matter the application, use case or environment it is deployed in.


Multi-vendor interoperability

Designed with multi-vendor interoperability as they key objective, the RIST specs are detailed enough to ensure that two different implementations will be interoperable. A collaborative VSF activity group and the RIST Forum further contribute by hosting RIST plug-fests and demonstrations where vendors and users can come together to verify interoperability.