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Direkt router rack x6

1.00 kr

The Swedish army knife of IP-decoders

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Product Description

Receives incoming IP stream(s) instead of a digital video input. It analyzes the stream and re-sends it, possibly in a different IP network, without adding any delay on the video link. Used to connect different networks, monitor a video stream, re-send video streams to one or multiple receivers or convert incoming IP stream to web TV (RTMP-out).


  • 6x IP inputs included


Can work as a common ingest point at larger media houses or broadcasters and is perfect as a advanced receiver during live broadcasts where multiple live sources are used.


With high performance it is perfectly fitted for additional options or customizations such as:


  • Extra IP inputs
  • SDI outputs
  • SDI inputs
  • Image matrix/multiview
  • Realtime transcoding
  • NDI™– outputs
  • NDI™– inputs
  • Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull, RTMP-pull)
  • RTMP-input (Requires Netvideo input)
  • SRT
  • RIST
  • VPN