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Direkt router studio

1.00 kr

The viking of remote production / REMI / At-home production

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Product Description

Receives incoming Netvideo- and IP-stream(s). Output on NDI to a video mixer, input and send the finished program to other receivers, routers and/or OTT service. Often used for a remote production and in MCRs. Direkt router studio includes:


  • 6x IP stream input (se option for upgrade)
  • Record and forward
  • H264/AVC, H265/HEVC, MPEG2 decoder
  • BRT error correction + network bonding
  • Broadcast out – UDP, PAL and 1080i
  • adaptive bitrate
  • 6x netvideo inputs on router (HLS & RTMP-pull)
  • 4x NDI out on router
  • 1x DVI/HDMI output
  • NDI in on Netvideo-inputs
  • 1x software encoder
  • RTMP output


Solutions for remote production


With high performance it is perfectly fitted for additional options or customisations such as:

  • SRT in/out
  • Additional NDI inputs or outputs
  • SDI in/out
  • Extra software encoders
  • Extra IP inputs
  • Extra netvideo inputs
  • built-in video mixer
  • Multiview