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Direkt router rack+

The Swedish army knife of IP-decoders


Product Description

Receives incoming IP stream(s) instead of a digital video input. It analyzes the stream and re-sends it, possibly in a different IP network, without adding any delay on the video link. Used to connect different networks, monitor a video stream, re-send video streams to one or multiple receivers or convert incoming IP stream to web TV (RTMP-out).


  • 6x IP inputs included


Can work as a common ingest point at larger media houses or broadcasters and is perfect as a advanced receiver during live broadcasts where multiple live sources are used.


With high performance it is perfectly fitted for additional options or customizations such as, compared to the Direkt router rack this unit can handle more input/outputs, has redundant power supply and much more.


  • Extra IP inputs
  • SDI outputs
  • SDI inputs
  • Image matrix/multiview
  • Realtime transcoding
  • NDI™– outputs
  • NDI™– inputs
  • Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull, RTMP-pull)
  • RTMP-input (Requires Netvideo input)
  • SRT
  • RIST
  • VPN