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Direkt link 400 rack+

1.00 kr

When power and quality is key. Frequently used at the biggest eSport-events!
Recommended by twitch!

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Product Description

This is the perfect tool when you need extra high performance. It can be in a context when it is about maximizing image quality for a demanding audience of millions, or for use of several additional encoders* in high quality modes. The perfect example of application is esports where we can use x264 preset SLOW for a high huality stream in a low bitrate.


Direct link 400 Rack + compress audio and video to MPEG4 AVC (H264) and has the following digital inputs:


  • 2xSDI (HD / SD) with embedded audio (max 8 audio channels)
  • Can be fitted with up to 8x 1080i encoders


Latest version supports extra high broadcast quality up to 1080p50/60


This unit is commonly used at major eSport-event all around the world, just ask Dreamhack, BlastProSeries, PGL or Gfinity
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* separate option