BRT™ – The solution for Lagardère

A couple of months ago Martin at Lagardere contacted us. In his role as “Senior Manager Broadcast Services Europe” he was searching for a more cost efficient way to do their contribution.
Traveling around the world, following the “ATP 250 series” they needed an ecosystem that was reliable and robust.

The solution was our Direkt link encoders, using Bifrost Reliable Transport (BRT™) to secure a stable connection to their MCR regardless if the ATP 250 series was held in Brazil, France or Australia.


Martin Ekeberg, Senior Manager Broadcast Services:

We have set up a small network containing Direkt links, receivers and a router. The big decider was the brilliant support from the people behind the technology. After setting up an ecosystem with transmitters and receivers we now have better control of all ends of our delivery.

It is both effective and reliable and you don’t need to be a computer wizard to run it. Since it is also more cost efficient than for example satellite we can now spend more on the production, so it allows us to make better products for our clients.

Regardless if we are transmitting from the building next door or across the Atlantic, Intinor allows us to deliver our content efficiently with minimum latency and without compromising quality.

Thanks to the Intinor equipment we can spend more time on selling our products and less time figuring out how we deliver them.


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