“Umeågalan 2023”

Umeågalan is the largest networking arena for Umeå’s business community and will contribute to Umeå’s continued growth.

The “Umeågalan” technology and industry award aims to strengthen Umeå’s profile and attractiveness as a strong technology and industry region. The prize is awarded to a company that stands for the sustainable industry of the future and the selection of finalists is based on at least one of the criteria below:


  • Companies whose innovative ability and technology development led to commercial success that promoted Umeå as a technology and industrial city.
  • Companies whose ideas and development of new technology have a very high potential for breakthroughs with great growth opportunities that promote Umeå as a technology and industrial city
  • Companies that, through extraordinary efforts, have contributed to promoting the conditions for Umeå’s position as a strong location for the technology and industrial sector.

Winner 2023: Intinor AB
Motivation: Intinor has developed its own products and solutions for live video that are used by a large range of customers, from small production companies to large television stations.

Ålö, Komatsu Forest and Volvo Trucks.

Lina Zackrisson, CEO:
I’m happy, honoured and proud of the team at Intinor. Our great skills and teamwork has set the base for a solid and innovative tech company. To be recognised  by Umeågalan and to win amongst such great companies as Cytiva and Elasticy is a great honor to us. 2023 is a year of celebration for us and this is another good thing that will boost the team spirit at Intinor

Roland Axelsson, Product manager and founder:
I want to thank not only our staff but also our customers and partners who made it possible for Intinor to get to where we are today. It will be very exciting to continue the development and see where it leads us in the future.


About Intinor

Intinor develops products and solutions to carry high quality video and audio over the internet. Celebrating 20 years of excellence in the industry in 2023, Intinor offers solutions for remote productions, remote commentary, newsgathering, sports and much more. It aims to deliver the best and most comprehensive solutions for high quality media. 

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