Ultra Low Latency Meets Zero-Compromise Quality

We recently released a new “ultra low latency” feature for our Direkt series, capable of delivering less than half a second end-to-end for complex contribution links. Our customers now benefit from the same low latency they get with a Zoom call, but with zero compromise on the full broadcast quality audio and video the audience demands.  

We have also made our Direkt series even more plug and play simple. We now bring real, practical benefits for broadcasters looking for a way to support remote production without compromising operational flexibility or on-screen quality. Using Direkt, two-way interviews are made easier than ever as we have eliminated the issue of people talking over each other. 

These latest enhancements to Direkt are in keeping with our ethos of delivering a system that is easy to set up and operate but has all the robustness needed for professional quality video over the internet. We are giving broadcasters an effortless way to handle all the practicalities of a hybrid production without having to change the way they work. 

Other features that helps with remote interviews

  • VPN for tally and PTZ
  • Synchronised streams (NTP)
  • Remote configuration through ISS (no need for on-site technician)
  • Network bonding (true point to point – no cloud)

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