TV Visjon Norway – contribution and webTV

TV Visjon Norway is a Christian television channel broadcasting 24 hours a day to viewers in Scandinavia. About half of the material is done entirely in-house and consists of taped studio productions and live broadcasts. Some are made in the headquarters in Drammen, other recorded or live broadcasted from festivals and conferences in Norway, Moldovia and Israel. To do this in a cost efficient way with high quality Intinor has been entrusted to deliver a complete solution for contribution and webTV.

The heart of the solution is a Direkt router placed in MCR that makes it easy to receive live broadcasts from the Direkt links used in the productions. By Intinors technology TV Visjon can broadcast live over the Internet, mobile or satellite networks and always get good picture and sound quality even from the most inaccessible places. Stable networking features and flexible encoding modes creates high reliability even when the Internet connection is malfunctioning. With ISS, Intinors system for statistics and monitoring, MCR can remote control and monitor all devices as well as use the 4-wire talkback option which provides a direct and reliable communication – with dual channel technic and studio sound goes between transmission sites and MCR in real time.

With the platform from Intinor webTV are broadcasted to the viewers 24/7. The broadcasts are handled by Direkt input modules, custom Direkt links, the absolute most cost efficient way of delivering IP and RTMP streams from a MCR out to TV and webTV.

“We see that TV Visjon wants to be at the forefront of its segment with a clear ambition to deliver high quality and reliable transmissions” says André Öberg, CMO at Intinor. An example of this is how they secure the transmissions to all Norwegian households that are reached through established connections to the TV operators. If the unlikely occurs and the primary connection out of the MCR goes down transmissions falls redundantly onto Intinors Direkt series with a receiver on a central hub in the Oslo region, connected to the TV operators. Easy and cost effective. “TV Visjon are skilled in producing and broadcasting live and it’s a pleasure to continue our long-term cooperation” concludes André Öberg.

“We want to reach our viewers with quality in both content and broadcasting and Intinors platform creates truly professional opportunities for us at a very good price” says John Sanjee, head of the MCR. “Direkt series is a robust platform which is critical for us. Since we also get scalability and great functionality along with world-class customer service and support Intinor Technology is perfect for us.”

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