Swedish election 2014

Election night in Sweden 2014 had a huge media coverage.  All big media houses had news teams that broadcasted live on one or more of the election night partys. Intinor had the privilege to get in place following two team of reporters from SvD who made their first major live broadcast and studio production. The teams each used a Direct backpack to link the live material from two sites to the central studio, so-called contribution. On the Social Democrats’ election night party we used network bonding (RTP + FEC with adaptive bitrate), on the Moderates’ election night party we used a Wi-Fi link mounted on the backpack (UDP unicast). By using Intinors 4-wire talkback reporters could easily communicate with the studio, and hear program audio (minus themselves, so-called mix-minus).

Anyone who followed the election know that it took some time before the party leaders of the Social Democrats and the Moderates kept their speeches, and the evening was over. This meant some occasional battery changes, and we clocked between 25-40seconds for Direct backpack to start up and be on the air after a total reboot. Impressively quickly SvD said, we agree.

When we gathered at the newsdesk SvD were very pleased with the webTV broadcast, and that the technique had worked fine. We at Intinor are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to future cooperation!

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