Success for Yle with e-sports from DreamHack

Interest in e-sports is growing among viewers up in the Nordic region! When the Finnish Yle last week conducted its first live broadcast of e-sports from DreamHack Winter it was a success. During one day of broadcasting, with 20 hours on the Web and 4 hours on TV, it was noted a total of 109.000 (!) viewers on Saturday evening. At 01:00 on Saturday night there was entire 91,000 who sat benched in front of their TVs and followed the broadcasts.

Juha Lahti, producer, what is your thought about this?
– “We are really happy with the response we received from our viewers and look forward to do more similar events as we believe that this has even greater potential. DreamHack is a strong brand and being a public service company we are seeking a way for our live contribution to be easy and cost effective for further distribution to our viewers”.

For Yle it was the first time making TV on an entirely Internet-based broadcast, “a milestone that is truly worthy of the name,” according to Kari Mäenpää, Development Specialist, Yle. “For us it is important that the technology is stable, which is critical when working at this level,” adds Kari.

Roland Axelsson, CEO of Intinor, comments the event.
“Our goal is to offer all customers the right solution to cost effectively broadcast TV with the best quality. We focus on customer needs, regardless of size and context, and by offering great flexibility and customization, we want to meet the big broadcast business needs as well as the small production company or the non-profit association’s needs. We believe that we are absolutely right to market with our offer”.

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