Solutions for scheduling and automation

Intinor API for scheduling and automation

  • Available as REST-API
  • Available as Ember+ (VSM)
  • Automate and schedule IP-streams for INTL contribution & distribution,
  • GFX-insertions and more
  • Create your own application-workflow specific GUI

Our entire web interface is built on our API, this enables our customers to fully customize their own applications with full functionality.

For API “Skaarhoj tally example” – follow this link.

We asked Roman Wälti, the CTO at Telebasel to tell us more about how they use the Intinor API.

“The Intinor API of the Direkt link rack 400 allows us to create an application targeted browser user interface for our live streaming team.

The target was to start & stop Telebasel-live streams through a web interface without the need for a technician. In addition the web interface allows the users to make changes to the url and stream name. In case there is another stream destination needed, a telebasel technician adds another stream destination in the Intinor web interface which then dynamically expands the API-based web interface allowing the user to start and stop the added new stream. With the Intinor API and the customized web interface we are prepared for ad-hoc Live-streams on a weekend with no need for a technician.”


  • Up to 2x SDI-in & 2x HDMI-in (mobile) or 12x SDI (rack)
  • 4x stereo audio
  • 2, 4 or 8 x 3g/4g Modems
  • Wifi client and hotspot
  • Adaptive bitrate & resolution
  • Smartphone app
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • 4-wire talkback and IFB
  • 6-36x IP-stream inputs
  • Up to 12x SDI outputs / NDI-outputs
  • 6x Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull & RTMP-in)
  • RTMP-pull, TCP-pull
  • 6x Transcoder/re-encoders
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • Stream forwarding
  • IP-stream scheduling and automation via API
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