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Solutions for remote commentary

Solutions for remote commentary


When German Tote/PMU equidia was looking for a robust solution for remote commentary we where eager to help.

Our Remote commentary solution gives the commentators two streams, one preview and one stream to comment on. Only the audio is being streamed back to the studio in Paris. The german commentators can now stay home instead of flying to the Equidia studio in Paris every week, saving time and money!



Intinors 4-wire talk-back solution.



Mr. Frese, German Tote:

It was “kind of easy” to go Live-IP-video-contribution for the trotting race tracks.
As it “just” needs internet access with approx 10Mbits upstream and an encoder with 2x LAN-bonding for redundancy, error correction and adaptive streaming.
Intinors Direkt link rack encoder has proven it’s robustness in a long term POC for us.




The big goal was an fully integrated-IP-workflow including remote IP-switching/mixing


The solution to all these requirements is Intinors Direkt Router that is The KEY product in this solution.
Allowing to receive, send, create multiple multiview streams, do cleanfeed-forwarding, mixing & switching, pushing and pulling streams with added GFX.





With our open API the Intinor-concept allows German Tote to fully customize and automate the scheduled IP-worflow.


OUTLOOK: Part 2 of this story will cover “processing” such as remote switching and mixing, added graphics.
Part 3 talking about distribution, so please stay tuned for more!



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!







  • Up to 2x SDI-in & 2x HDMI-in
  • 4x stereo audio
  • 2, 4 or 8 x 3g/4g Modems
  • Wifi client and hotspot
  • Adaptive bitrate & resolution
  • Smartphone app
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • 4-wire talkback and IFB
  • Scheduling and automation via API



  • 2 – 30 IP inputs
  • 6x Netvideo inputs (HLS, RTMP will be added Q4 2018)
  • Up to 8x SDI outputs / NDI-outputs
  • Multiple RTMP destinations
  • TCP-pull
  • 6x Transcoder/re-encoders
  • Logo & GFX overlays
  • Stream forwarding
  • Scheduling and automation via API