Solutions for house of worship

Houses of worship

Video, graphics and audio are now central parts of the service for many houses of worship. Ceremonies are shared between multiple venues and social distancing means that some celebrants will contribute remotely. 

Services are streamed to reach congregations far larger and more diverse than can meet together in one building. 

With limited budgets and technical resources – often dependent upon members of the congregation offering their time voluntarily – houses of worship need equipment that is cost-effective, intuitive to install and implement, and stable and secure in continuing operation. 

Intinor leads the market in secure streaming of content over the public internet. The Direkt series of routers and encoders is the simple solution for video over the internet, bringing participants together in real time for engaging worship, and streaming out to worshippers wherever they are. 

Lux TV uses Intinor technology to provide services of worship for the Slovak community worldwide, linking the hosts in Bratislava with two other churches in Slovakia and two in the USA.

Michal Tóth, AV Digital: “Lux TV station, broadcasting in Slovakia, decided, after extensive internal tests of competing devices, to use Intinor devices for transmissions from branches (regional studios) in Slovakia and in USA to the Slovak MCR in Bratislava. We use Intinor devices for their intuitive and simple settings, reliability and trouble-free operation on public and dedicated Internet routes. Intinor facilities provide daily live broadcasts of journalistic programs, liturgical ceremonies and other TV productions created in Lux TV. Intinor brand devices have helped costs efficiency of transmission routes, increased the quality and stability of streamed sessions.”

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