Solutions for an all IP-infrastructure


The Direkt-series is designed from the ground up for managing, processing and output of IP-streams. Instead of using cloud services, which involve cost and increased management overheads, you can own and scale the functionality of the Direkt router to meet your needs. In the future, more functionality can be unleashed by remotely activating options.

With up to 16x SDI-out, you can easily integrate the Direkt router into your current SDI-based infrastructure while at the same time seamlessly migrating to an “all-IP infrastructure“.

We believe that interoperability is one of the critical issues facing anyone working in the broadcast industry.
Having a flexible and versatile workflow is key and we aim to give our customers just that.

According to autumn 2021 issue these are the top challenges that broadcasters are currently facing.

1. Transition to IP

2. Enabling remote collaboration

3. Reducing broadcast latency

To help with multi-vendor interoperability we’ve added support for multiple open source protocols, including:

Offering more live events for usually means working with more production companies.
More and more production companies are using software production systems and we’ve therefore worked hard to support this use case.
To receive SRT or RTMP from systems like VMIX, OBS, Wirecast or similar should be easy and reliable.

Hybrid events, remote collaboration, virtual conferences is the new standard.
Creating a robust and reliable workflow is challenging but not impossible. Enabling open source protocols and consumer products help us to bridge the gap.

SRT, RIST and our own Bifrost is all very competent protocols and here we would like to show you some of the differences.
Why lock yourself to one protocol when you can have them “all”?? 

ISS = is more than just remote management, it is 24/7 monitoring and a tool to troubleshoot IP-issues you don’t want to miss once used. Intinor’s free API rounds off the end-to-end solution offering unlimited possibilities to integrate into existing IP environments or even allow your own customized workflows.

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