SjoggTV Lillehammer 2016

YOG, Youth Olympic Games, 2016 in Lillehammer are in full swing with 1100 athletes from the age of 15 to 18. YOG are to be held for the fourth time to inspire young people to live in the Olympic spirit in the stadium as well as outside, and is therefore investing in new sports, creative elements and a wide range of culture events for the active as well as for the thousands of visitors. One of the elements, SjoggTV, is created by and with students at the University of Lillehammer and their TV education programme. Tarald Moe Bjølseth, technical operations manager, tells about a daily TV show for webTV and that SjoggTV also links the most important cultural sites together with live broadcasts. During the inauguration cerenomy a co-production between Hamar and Lillehammer united all participants in one and the same event, and SjoggTV also broadcasts 24/7 to 80 screens at different locations.

To accomplish all this Intinor delivers a complete solution that makes it easy to transmit, monitor and communicate between the various production sites and the master control room (MCR). At the MCR a dedicated screen connected to ISS, Intinors powerful system for monitoring, management and remote control oversees all video streams. Tarald says that thanks to ISS its easy to monitor the quality of the video streams and detect any network outage or Internet issue. To communicate between production sites and MCR Intinors 4-wire talkback is used, something that works very well.

“We are very satisfied with the solutions and the qualities of the products Intinor helped us with”, says Tarald and adds that “customer service has been excellent so all challenges have been resolved quickly”.

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