Showcasing a hybrid event

Hybrid events, combining a mix of live and virtual components, have grown in popularity in recent times as social distancing continues to restrict who can travel to attend events

 Whether it’s a conference, seminar, workshop or tradeshow, a hybrid event is held both in-person in a physical event space with a restricted audience whilst simultaneously being live-streamed for a larger audience to watch and engage with in real-time.

Intinor’s Direkt series can offer you interoperability and the possibility of combining standard video conferences with high quality encoders to ensure the best possible quality for virtual attendees. This video showcases our solution for hybrid events with Daniel and Roland from the Intinor studio in Sweden joined by three remote participants from Germany, UK and the US:

  • Direkt link encoders with SDI/NDI input and return video.
  • Direkt router with SDI/NDI in and out.
  • VPN for remotely controlling cameras
  • Ultra low latency for high quality video/audio at 0,5 seconds delay.
  • No need for on-site technician, everything can be remotely configured through web based ISS

Thanks also to Tom Herrington from, Nicholas Smith from JB&A, and our European sales manager, Martin Weber, for their help and contributions.

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