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Bonnier News Local is Sweden’s leading local media group and includes more than 40 brands that deliver local news through newspapers, news sites, apps and free newspapers. Bonnier News Local is part of Bonnier News.

Bonnier News Local has been working with equipment from Intinor for many years and are always eager to push the limits of their production. In this case a multi-camera production with remote-mixing using our Direkt link backpack.

Torbjörn Lindström, technical director for Bonnier news local TV:

“When our plans for a on-site production were changed at short notice, we succeeded thanks to the possibility of remote mixing through ISS on the Intinor backpacks.

We were able to carry out a multi-camera production with good results utilizing remote operators in two different cities. Remote mixing was done from Falun (350km from production site) and both graphics and segments where added in Sundsvall (200km from production site).

The broadcast was a panel discussion on how the pandemic affects the local cultural life in Östersund.”

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