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Direkt receiver

Intinor Direkt receivers are MPEG2/H.264 decoders which receive MPEG streams via IP networks and transform them to video and audio.

Easy configuration

Direkt receiver is easy to configure from the keypad and the web interface. It is robustly constructed with few moving parts.


ISS, Intinors system for statistics and supervision is also included in Direkt receiver, which simplifies troubleshooting.


The table below shows which video/audio outputs are present on our model, which codecs are supported and some of the available options.

Direkt receiverSDI
3G/HD/SD-SDI out1, 2, 4 or 8
MPEG2 decoding
H.264 decoding
H.265 decoding
Other functionality
Adaptive bitrate
Network debonding (BRT™)
BRT™, Bifrost Reliable transport
Stream Statistics (ISS)
Access control
4-wire talkback

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