Norr Media nominated in Coverage of the year 2021

Umeå, Sweden UK, 9 March 2022: Intinor, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high-quality video over internet, today announces that its solutions play a vital role in helping Norr Media, part of the NTM Media group, deliver an exceptional web TV service to its audience. The news outlet has been nominated in the Coverage of the Year category for the prestigious Newspaper of the Year Awards, specifically for its remote production of live local sports throughout the pandemic.

NTM Media Group first deployed Intinor’s Direkt series in 2007 to support live linear content distribution and also supporting live contribution between their three studios. When the news provider migrated to a web TV services, Intinor’s solutions were once again a necessary part of its workflow. Intinor’s backpacks and routers support Norr Media’s content distribution to web TV and its live remote production of local sports – even from Sweden’s northernmost natural football field at Parkalombolo, 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle and home to just 58 residents.

Direkt series units also enable Norr Media and other local media outlets to share content, allowing them to save resources without compromising on the amount of content audiences have access to. During the pandemic, this ability to cover and produce large amounts of live local sports events remotely, allowed Norr Media to give audiences high quality content that kept them engaged with their favourite teams at both home and away matches in a resource-efficient way.

Rickard Björling, project manager, at Norr Media, commented: “If it were not for Intinor’s equipment, we would not be able to get the amount of content we do to our audience, which is critical to our nomination for Coverage of the year 2021. One of the biggest differences to our operation is the result of setting up local Direkt routers in Piteå and Luleå, which means we can keep the multi-talented commentators at our main studio, where we have a permanent set up. This set up not only allows for remote commentary but also creates an easy workflow where the commentators can add graphics and replays themselves.

The camera operator only needs to bring a camera, tripod, and streamer (Direkt link backpack). This in turn has led to us being able to mass-produce live sports with much less effort than before, but also with much better results than before. In addition, in 2021 we had zero kronor (yes, ZERO kronor) in costs for technical wear, because so few units will be exposed to unpacking, weather and wind. It is incredible!”

Norr Media serves local communities in the Norrbotten and northern Västerbotten regions, delivering local news and sports content. The news provider’s mission is to offer innovative and creative ways of creating and delivering content, bringing added value to local sports fans. This drive helped it succeed in keeping its viewers connected during the pandemic.

Intinor CEO, Lina Zackrisson, added: “We are enormously proud that Intinor solutions have played a key role in helping Norr Media’s content stand out. By simplifying their workflow and adopting new ways of working, the team has shown what can be achieved with even a small editorial staff when you have the right tools. We look forward to continuing our long working relationship with the team there and wish them every success in winning this prestigious prize. The pandemic put a spotlight on remote production and showed exactly how valuable it can be to create larger volumes of high-quality content even from very remote locations.”

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