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Intinor have often partnered with NewTek, sharing a stand at international events, and developing NDI-based solutions for customers looking to broadcast over IP networks.

With the cancellation of NAB and numerous other industry shows due to COVID-19, NewTek has created its own TV channel, NewTek.TV. NewTek TV aims to keep people up-to-date on technology news, live demos, support and expert advice as well as showing in itself the flexibility of IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) on a global basis.

In their latest broadcast, focusing on how to keep sports fans engaged when there’s no sports going on, Daniel Lundstedt, Intinor’s Marketing Coordinator, was invited on as a guest speaker to talk about how Intinor is using NDI® to help keep the world connected.

NewTek TV’s host, Richard Evans, was interested to hear about the remote workflows that Intinor offers. Daniel talked about how Intinor is currently working with a lot of esports and news companies to help them with their remote production challenges.

Direkt router gives our customers a lot of interoperability which is especially important now when there’s an increasing demand to input live content from various sources – laptops, mobile phones as well as encoders from different manufacturers.

Intinor was going to be promoting its Direkt router studio alongside NewTek in the NDI® Pavilion at NAB this year as the products from our two companies fit together nicely in a slick workflow to help companies set up Remote Production facilities using content from a variety of sources.

Daniel talked about how Direkt Router Studio supports input from a variety of IP-protocols, such as SRT, RTMP, RTSP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTP+fec or our own protocol, BRT™ (Bifrost). Content collected via the Direkt router can then be sent via NDI® to NewTek’s Tricasters which provides all the tools necessary for live production. Once the production is complete, this can then be transmitted via NDI® again back to the Direkt router which handles the broadcast of the finalised content, sending to multiple partners if required.

One of the major challenges in switching from the more traditional workflows to remote production is how to get around the inherent instability of the public internet. Most broadcasters are used to working with secure connections, using satellite or dedicated fiber, and have been wary of using the public internet due to the risk of packet loss, latency issues on networks etc.

Daniel says, “That’s where we come in because that’s what we do all the time.”

Intinor offers solutions and protocols that can handle secure transmission even over poor internet connections. We created our own protocol, BRT™, that has forward error correction, ARQ , adaptive bitrate and most importantly network bonding. And there are other protocols that can be used as well, including SRT, which are also supported by the Direkt Router. See here for more details.

Watch the full show below or skip to Daniel’s introduction at 25:37:

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