News for Q1 2018

Our software developers are working hard with new and exciting functionality, here are some of the projects they are working with. 

The possibility to control video streams, audio and mixer tables over LAN makes the workflow easier and more cost efficient for our customers. Therefor we are really excited to soon be able to offer NDI out on our Router.

HEVC h265
With better compression we are looking forward to offer our customers better video quality and/or lower bitrate.

New and improved bonding and error correction
To support more SIM cards we are working on improving our bonding and also add a strongly improved error correction. Initial tests shows it will handle up to 10x more packet loss and redundant audio that always reaches the user.

Support for WIFI doesn’t only add WIFI connection, it also opens the possibility to send video from your WIFI-camera directly to your Direct Link.

All of this is scheduled to be released during Q1 2018.
At the same time we will also be ready to release our new Direkt Link Backpack.

Information about the backback will be out soon.
If you can’t wait to learn more, please contact us.

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