New Intinor product – Direkt router lite

Intinor just released the new Direkt router lite

Intinor CEO Roland Axelsson said, “Not long after we first introduced our popular Direkt Router we started receiving numerous requests for a small, quiet, low-cost model for just
receiving and sending IP video streams in a robust way. I’m very happy to announce that Direkt Router lite is now ready to ship in combination with our exciting new transport protocol, Bifrost.”


Direkt Router lite can be used to connect multiple networks, monitor or re-send video streams to one or multiple receivers, or convert incoming IP streams for web TV. It can work as a common ingest point for larger media houses or broadcasters and is ideal as an advanced, reliable and highly-portable receiver for live broadcasts where multiple live sources are used. Its high-performance capabilities are perfectly suited for additional options or customizations such as:

  • 1x IP stream input expandable to 2X
  • Optional HDMI output
  • Optional NDI output
  • Optional RTMP output
  • Image matrix/multiview
  • Encryption


Direkt Router lite will be showcased for the very first time at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas,
Read full press release here:

Axelsson added, “Even with its small, portable size, there is no compromise in power or performance. Just as with the rest of our Direkt Router range, there are no bandwidth restrictions. You can easily get MPTS from A to B, C and on to D and the stream will remain unaffected.”

It can also be used as a receiver for a mobile reporter by adding the NDI-out option.

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