New beltpack for 4-wire talkback

4-wire talkback, sometimes called IFB or intercom, is an option for the Intinor Direkt series that gives two full duplex mono channels between two or more units. This functionality can be activated on any link, router or receiver from Intinor and is easily managed through ISS where the operator in a matrix controls who talks to who, and on which channel. It is primarily used for communication between control room and photographer, and to give commentator or reporter audio return from studio or outgoing program, but it can of course be used in more creative ways as well.

Intinor has a long history of using the professional soundcard USBPre2 from SoundDevices in control rooms and studio environments. That gives balanced in- and outputs which is appreciated by the users. When it comes to mobile solutions Intinor did show during the Swedish exhibition LLB a beltpack specially designed for Direkt link mobile. “We see that the use of 4-wire increases and have really tried to find a good solution that satisfies even the most experienced broadcast user. On customer request we have now launched a new professional lightweight beltpack with XLR connections, push-to-talk and robust volume control – totally made for use with mobile units” says Roland Axelsson, CEO and product manager at Intinor.

“The new beltpack is highly suitable for a photographer shooting a fotball game or similar” Roland tells and points out the value of connecting a professional headset with closed ear cup and microphone. At the same time the reporter or commentator can continue to get studio- or program audio return via 3.5mm connector at the Direkt link. “The response of the new beltpack has been very positive, but we don’t relax” Roland finishes and smiles.

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