Mobilelinks broadcasts live with Intinor Direkt link

Mobilelinks has northern Europe’s largest fleet of SNG trucks and is wellrenowned in handling major premium events. This include everything from Melodifestivalen to Rockbjörnen or from Slottssprinten at the Swedish Royal Palace to the Champions League in football. Andreas Langell, CEO, tells that Mobilelinks specialize in assuring the quality of the transmission of live TV from A to B, often with requirements of redundancy.

“There is virtually nothing we can not solve,” says Andreas and mentions both microwave links and fly away solutions that complement the fiber and satellite links Mobilelinks usually work with. “In order to further broaden our offering to customers, we have signed agreements with Intinor regarding broadcasting equipment,” continues Andreas.

Using Direkt link from Intinor keeps costs down for contribution. It creates opportunities to live broadcast both new and more content notes Andreas, adding that he sees a growing demand for video over IP. “Therefore, it feels good to choose a solution from an established company such as Intinor”.

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