Live Virtual Reality Streaming

Virtual Reality (VR) is a phenomenom that has been growing over the last years on many different markets, but until recently it has mostly been on-demand and pre-recorded. WonderWorld VR, a global production company producing and distributing custom made Virtual Reality content for VR headsets, web and mobile applications is now changing that. WonderWorld VR is setting a new standard in live VR distribution and production with its unique end to end value chain where the more than 20 years of behavioral and production experience for immersive content is adequate. “We are combining our in-house skills with technical development and innovation thus making it possible to reach any audience with live VR” says Simon Romanus, Chief Executive Officer at Wonderworld VR.

We are combining our in-house skills with technical development and innovation thus making it possible to reach any audience with live VR” says Joakim Romanus, Chief Operations Officer at WonderWorld VR.

Roland Axelsson, CEO and product manager at Intinor, says that “live VR streaming is a hot topic and probably one of the big buzzwords this year”. Therefore we were delighted when WonderWorld VR contacted us looking for a suitable encoder solution for VR, capable of going 4K for the very best image quality. We took our absolutely brand new Direkt link rack+ and put it in the hands of our development team, and out came a real monster fine-tuned for the highest prestanda there is. For the technical interested we can tell that those extra CPU cores becomes really useful. Combining the Direkt link rack+ with WonderWorld VR custom made cameras designed for professional live VR productions it becomes easy for anyone to enter the world of VR live streaming. In the most professional way there is.

Do you want more information about how to go live VR? Please contact Intinor or WonderWorld VR.

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