Intinor at Dreamhack Winter

For years Dreamhack has been using our Direkt Link 400 Rack+ for their contribution to Twitch and other takers. Offering dual encoders on one dedicated hardware gives us an edge for esports.

This gives them the possibilty to go direct to Twitch at 6mbit (1080p/59.94 – x264 preset SLOW) and at the same time offer their growing network of broadcast takers to receive a stream at a higher bitrate.

In a meeting with Geert Verhoeff, TOM at Dreamhack, we started to discuss the posibility to add content from the arena floor, giving the viewers a better understanding and feeling of the amazing event that Dreamhack Winter is.

Using 3g/4g in a stadium packed with thousands of visitors creates issues, but with bonding and error correction from BRT™we were eager to try it out.

4 SIM-cards from the two major network providers and a unstable arena-WIFI showed to be more then enough. During hours of testing and live-streaming throughout the weekend we didn’t experience one single packet loss. The high-end antennas that we provide to all of our Direkt link Backpacks really came in handy!

Please contact us if you are interested in more information or if you have any questions.

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