Dick Hobbs talks to Daniel Lundstedt from Intinor about 5G technology

Intinor’s Daniel Lundstedt was invited to talk to Dick Hobbs about 5G technology, what it is and how broadcasters can benefit from it, on KitPlus TV’s Weekly Show recently. A great application of this technology was demonstrated in a showreel from our 5G-testing for emergency use together with Telia and the municipality of Umeå, Sweden.


During the test, all video feeds were streamed over 5G to a Direkt router in the MCR at TV4, one of Sweden’s largest TV channels. Using our own transport protocol, Bifrost, we were able to create the first ever 5G remote production in Sweden with the feed travelling 650km from the test site in Umeå to TV4’s MCR in Stockholm. This was then broadcast live on their Morning Show with great picture quality.


Daniel and Dick discussed what makes 5G new and different and the boost it will enable for remote production. Daniel talked about the many advantages that 5G offer – higher throughput of data (bitrates), meaning more video can be sent and at a higher resolution. Dick was particularly impressed by the super low latency that 5G, as a small cell network with more points of contact, will offer.


Watch the interview here or view the full show.


Thanks once again, KitPlus, for having us on the show!


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