Direkt link Rack 1x

In-house developed product for live broadcast and distribution of TV and web TV

Product Description

Direkt link rack 1x compresses audio and video to MPEG4 AVC (H264) and/or HEVC* (H265) has following digital inputs:

  • 2xSDI (HD/SD) with embedded audio (maximum of 8 audio channels)
  • Option to add more SDI inputs and/or software encoders

The dual SDI input card makes the Direkt link rack 1x a future-safe investment with the ability to easily activate an additional encoder* or the built in video mixer* for use of both SDI inputs.

One scenario is when sending a program out on SDI 1, and multiview on SDI 2.

Another is when encoding several different resolutions and bitrates for broadcast and web TV applications.

A third scenario is when activating the built-in video mixer to do clean-cuts and picture-in-picture between the SDI inputs. The Direkt link rack is the perfect tool to use to easily create a more dynamic broadcast and works especially well when doing a ’one-man production’.

Available options

  • *HEVC (H265)
  • Up to 4 software encoders
  • Up to 16x audio channels
  • Extra SDI inputs
  • Return video
  • VPN
  • SRT
  • RIST
  • And much more..

Latest generation supports high broadcast quality up to 1080p50/60

* separate option

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